We have been in business since 1999 and offer a number of Business Related Services, including:

e-Commerce – We create dynamic Web Enabled Applications, accessible through our Internet Site or our Clients’ Intranet including:

FINancial Information System – We created a Fully Integrated Accounting System which we customize for our client’s special and unique needs, including integration with their existing systems and adding unique applications for Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, Billing, Inventory Control &  Management, Purchase Orders, Encumbrance Accounting and others.

Whosale Parts Distribution

  • Accounts Payable Invoice Matching System
  • Accounts Receivable Invoice Resolution
  • Call Center
  • Fixed Asset Management and Annual Verification
  • Internal Audit Support Apps
  • Physical Inventory Reconciliation and Analysis

Retail Store

  • Procurement
  • Inventory Control
  • Sales Reporting and Analysis
  • Shopping Cart

Accommodations Industry

  • Reservations (B & B)
  • Website Design


  • Municipal Income Tax System
  • Regional Transit Authority Support Apps
  • State Lottery Deferred Prize Management and Analysis

Other Related Services:

Application Service Provider – We Host a Growing Number of Web Enabled Applications

Consulting – We Offer Business, Financial and Systems Consulting Services

Database Design – We design and implement normalized Database Structures

Integration – We offer Complete Systems Integration Services

Web Design – We Design Complete Web Sites and Web Pages

Web Hosting – We will host your Web Site on our Apache Web Server

DNS Services – We will host your Domain Name on our DNS Servers

WebMail – We Offer a Secure e-mail Service

If you are interested in any or all of our Services, Please Contact Us.

Thank You for Your Time and Interest!!!


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